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Eleventh Hour (2006)

Miniserie británica de 4 episodios que gira alrededor de Ian Hood (Patrick Stewart), un científico que trabaja para el gobierno británico. Creada por un aclamado escritor de ciencia ficción, Stephen Gallagher, en el año 2008 Jerry Bruckheimer creó un remake en formato de serie para la CBS.
Creador Stephen Gallagher
Actores Patrick Stewart, Ashley Jensen, Nicolas Wall
País UK


Professor Ian Hood (Patrick Stewart) and his bodyguard Rachel Young (Ashley Jensen) have been tasked with investigating cases of science abuse throughout the UK. When a police chase leads to a field where almost 30 fetuses are buried, Hood suspects that ""Gepetto"" - a rogue clone maker - is at work in the country. They soon discover that not only must they try to find and stop Gepetto, but they must also locate a young pregnant girl who is carrying one of the cloned fetuses, and whose life is in danger from a complication with the pregnancy. They are not the only ones searching for the girl, though. One of Gepetto's men, a millionaire, and the girl's abusive ex-boyfriend all have their own reasons for wanting to find her.
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