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Kfulim (2014)

Una mañana, cinco personas corrientes y desconocidas entre ellas, se despiertan encabezando todos los noticiarios israelís, al haber sido identificadas y acusadas por el gobierno ruso, de haber secuestrado en Moscú, al ministro de industria iraní.
Creador Amit Cohen, Maria Feldman
Actores Ishai Golan, Magi Azarzar, Angel Bonanni
País Israel

Episode 9: Final Episode - Part 1

Operators are demanding that Moshe finish Anat and Amir while Anat and Amir try to get back to normal. Della wakes up in the hospital opposite her worried parents and the bracelet bracelet that Joe left her. Joe is no longer alive. Anat, Amir and Eitan unite in an attempt to catch Sean and Anat is sent to contact the clinic with Lenny and Sean's girlfriend when Amir waits for her outside. While you were writing a booklet to Lenny at the ultrasound institute, Sean took over Amir and took him hostage. When Anat realizes what is happening, she takes Lenny hostage. Sean and Anat set a "prisoner exchange" at a point in the south. Eitan manages the improvised operation from his apartment, when Sagi and Mika burst in and demand to know what is going on. When they understand that their loved ones are in danger, they enlist to help. With the help of Sagi and Mika, Eitan understands who was behind the pipe explosion and goes to Gafni. The exchange of prisoners in the south gets complicated and when everything seems to end, the siren is heard - the war in the north begins.
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