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Blue (2003)

Every once in a while, a domestic filmmaker aims to make a big-budget action flick normally reserved for Hollywood blockbusters. While some succeed, most find themselves stuck between their grand special effects ambitions and the reality of their limited budget. The promotion company for the new domestic film, Blue, admitted to having high expectations for their undersea action adventure. While clearly not on the scale that director Lee Jeong-guk might have wished, ``Blue?? shows that when it comes to action, domestic movies might have enough to stay afloat and compete. The story revolves around three officers who meet while studying deep-sea diving in a naval academy. Of the three, the talkative and carefree Kim Jun (Shin Hyeon-jun) and the quiet and serious Lee Tae-yon (Kim Yeong-ho) are best friends, inseparable since childhood. They are willing to do anything for each other, including risk their lives, until Kang Su-jin (Shin Eun-gyeong), an attractive and ambitious fellow officer, comes between them. Strong feelings develop between Jun and Su-jin, but when Jun realizes his best friend is also in love with her, he suddenly breaks off the relationship just as she leaves for England to receive special training. Time passes, and the two friends become trainees at the Special Salvage Unit, top deep-sea diving program of the nation, and Su-jin, promoted to major, returns into their lives as an instructor. The three find themselves back in an awkward triangle, but they have bigger problems now, as they have to deal with the head of the training program, Lieutenant Colonel Choi Hyong-su (Lee Il-jae), who seems to have no qualms putting his ambitions ahead of the divers? lives. Though heavy on melodrama, ``Blue?? is filled with enough action-filled moments to keep the story from getting too bogged down. Technically, the rescue missions are impressively done. Though not comparable to the pyrotechnics you?d see from Hollywood, the special effects are laudable given budget constraints. It?s said that the film crew spent four years in pre-production in an attempt to get it right, and it shows. The story itself is as challenging _ and as relevant _ as the ones you?d find in any typical military action film, which means not very. The righteous military mood and the exaggerated, action-packed ending might be a turn-off for some, but overall, the film does a fair job keeping itself going and makes for an entertaining 105 minutes. "Blue" brings you an all new submarine action thriller with intriguing twists! Popular Korean director Lee Jung-gook successfully blends the intertwined romances of the movie's leading characters with riveting underwater action to offer the viewers an unforgettable cinematic experience! Kim Joon (Shin Hyun-june) and Lee Tae-hyun (Kim Young-ho) are old time bosom friends who sign up as navy officers. However, their tight relation begins to fall apart after the two friends get to know their beautiful and avid colleague Kang Soo-jin (Shin Eun-kyung). Jun and Tae-hyun are both captivated by the charming and vivid character of the girl, which results in the setting in motion of a melodramatic love triangle! As if this was not enough trouble, the three lovers soon see themselves facing their rigid commando co-ordinator Lieutenant Colonel Choi Hyong-soo (Lee Il-jae) who seems to put military ideals before the lives of his trainees! Get ready for this breathtaking underwater romance-chiller that delivers a captivating plot plus cliff-hanging non-stop action!
Director Jeong-Kuk Lee
Actores Hyeon-jun Shin, Eun-Kyung Shin, Yeong-ho Kim
Duración 108 min
País South Korea
Streaming (Servicio externo)
Grupo: PosTX
Versión: DVDRip XviD
Tamaño: 700 MB
[size=150][b][color=darkgreen]Ficha Técnica:[/size][/b][/color]
[b]Ripper ........: [/b] Team PosTX  
[b]Genre ......: [/b] Action/Drama/War 
[b]Release Date ..: [/b] 03/28/2003  
[b]Resolution .: [/b]576 x 320        
[b]DVD ...........: [/b] 03/18/2003   
[b]Video ......: [/b]751kbps,SBC     
[b]Aspect Ratio ..: [/b] 1.85 : 1    
[b]Audio ......: [/b]128~160Kbps VBR  
[b]Theater .......: [/b] 2003        
[b]Files ......: [/b] 49 x 15MB        
[b]Playtime ......: [/b] 108 mins                                   
[b]Language ......: [/b] Korean/English SubTitle