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The Client List (2012)

Samantha Horton (Jennifer Love Hewitt), una antigua reina de la belleza de Texas, es obligada a encontrar un trabajo en una sala de masajes, cuando su familia se encuentra frente a un problema económico. Lo que no esperaba es que sus clientes buscarían algo más que masajes.
Creador Suzanne Martin
Actores Jennifer Love Hewitt, Loretta Devine, Colin Egglesfield
País USA

'Till I Make It On My Own

Picking up where we left off last season, Riley and Kyle are mid confrontation and find themselves interrupted by local cop, Nathan. His presence is not a welcome one, but the purpose of his visit is for a reason that neither of them could have imagined. At the spa, Riley inherits a new client, Judge Overton aka “Mr. Louboutin,” whose love for expensive shoes rivals her own. And Taylor makes some changes to the salon that will require Lacey and Linette to become more independent with their clients and their finances. Riley befriends the mother of one of Travis’ classmates, who is a welcome relief amidst the gossiping moms in the wake of Kyle’s return. Evan and Riley’s bond grows stronger in the wake of this conflict with Kyle.
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