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The Munsters (1964)

La serie nos muestra a la peculiar familia Munster. Su atractivo se basa en utilizar personajes típicos del terror en tramas cómicas. Éstas, a su vez, desarrollan situaciones cotidianas, como el primer día de colegio del niño o la llegada de nuevos vecinos, que toman un cariz cómico a raíz del contraste entre la normalidad de los estadounidenses medios y la peculiaridad de los Munster.
Actores Fred Gwynne, Al Lewis, Yvonne De Carlo
País USA

Far Out Munsters

The Standells, a rock group from Hollywood, are in town for a club appearance. They want a secluded place to stay in order to escape from their screaming teenage fans. Their manager pays an exorbitant fee to the Munsters to use their house for the weekend. The Munsters pack up and relocate to a hotel, but they can't get adjusted to its cleanliness and normality. When they arrive home prematurely, they find The Standells singing, ""I Want to Hold Your Hand,"" and throwing a wild party filled with far-out beatniks and hipsters. The Munsters are initially shocked, but soon find that they fit in with these freaky people - who never once question their unusual appearance.
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