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Les Misérables (2018)

Nueva adaptación televisiva de "Los Miserables" de Victor Hugo, con Dominic West como Jean Valjean, David Oyelowo como Javert y la actriz Lily Collins en el papel de la joven Fantine.
Actores Adeel Akhtar, David Oyelowo, Dominic West, Olivia Colman

Episode 3

Tormented Jean Valjean is forced by Javert and his own conscience to reveal his true identity. He is arrested and Javert believes he has got his man for good this time. Valjean breaks free from the guards to find Fantine in the infirmary. Valjean makes a vow to her, to find her daughter Cosette, before he is imprisoned once again. Jean Valjean does not forget his duty to poor Fantine. He makes his way to Montfermeil to find Cosette and manages to take her from the cruel Thenardiers. They flee to Paris, where they begin a new life, but Valjean remains anxious they could be discovered. Javert, now a police officer in Paris, gets wind of a missing girl in Montfermeil and goes out to investigate it on a hunch. Confronted by Javert, Thenardier inadvertently leads his family into misfortune. Javert's leads take him back to Paris. When he is tipped off to some new information he believes he is close to another opportunity to take down the elusive Valjean.
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