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Vice (2013)

Serie periodística de HBO con historias sorprendentes e impactantes de todo el mundo. VICE rompe las barreras del decoro para cubrir hechos como asesinatos políticos en Filipinas, la locura por el Sumo en Senegal, el armamento nuclear en Cachemira. Con un enfoque audaz e inédito en televisión, se muestran historias aterradoras, costumbres absurdas y extrañas y prácticas desconocidas.
Actores Shane Smith, Thomas Morton, Gianna Toboni
País USA

Show of Force / Return to Somalia

Show of Force: North Korea is locked in a dangerous game of brinksmanship. The isolated country has tested more than a dozen ballistic missiles this year and continues to develop its nuclear weapons program. With global tensions reaching a fever pitch, VICE traveled to the Hermit Kingdom during the annual Day of the Sun celebrations on April 15. As North Koreans observed the 105th birthday of their country's founder, Kim Il-sung, correspondent Charlet Duboc sought to learn firsthand how its citizens are reacting to the escalating crisis.

Return to Somalia: After more than 25 years of civil war, a large number of Somali diaspora, raised and educated in the West, are returning to rebuild their homeland. However, an increase in al-Shabaab attacks is threatening their hopes and efforts for a peaceful country. Correspondent Gianna Toboni heads to Mogadishu to witness the fight to save Somalia.
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